How to Learn Microsoft Outlook

By Anthony Smith

Microsoft Outlook is the run away leader among businesses as their email, contact and calendar management software. Because of this, many computer users who are still using their email provider's web-based application to send and receive emails may want to consider obtaining and learning to use Outlook. Fortunately, Outlook is easy to learn and is a point-and-click application.

Step 1

After downloading the Outlook software or purchasing the CD, install the software by using the installation wizard with on-screen instructions. During installation, make sure to select the option that makes Outlook your default email client.

Step 2

Set up your email account(s) in Outlook so you can send and receive emails. Get your incoming and outgoing email server names and addresses from your email service provider. Open the Outlook program and click on the "Tools" menu option at the top of the main window, and then click on "Account Settings." An Account Settings window will open in which you can click to add a new email account. Enter your name and all your account information.

Step 3

Use either the "Go" menu option at the top of the screen or click on one of the four icons located at the lower left of the screen to navigate between the windows for mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.

Step 4

Use the "New" menu option at the top of any of these windows to create new emails, add a contact, schedule an appointment or add tasks and notes.

Step 5

Click on the "Send and Receive" button to have Outlook process all incoming and outgoing emails.

Step 6

Click on "File," then "New" and "Folder" to create folders in which you can organize your emails, tasks and notes.

Step 7

Customize the way Outlook is displayed on your screen by selecting "View" and modifying the "Current View," "Navigation Pane" and "Toolbars" to fit your preferences.

Step 8

Click on a field heading at the top of the navigation pane and type an alphabetical letter on your keyboard, and Outlook will sort all data by that field and letter. For example, in the mail navigation pane, click on "From" and then type the letter "B." Outlook will sort and display all emails from those senders that begin with the letter "B."

Tips & Warnings

  • An easy and convenient way to learn more about using Outlook is to sign up at one of the websites that offer to email you with Outlook tips or similar information. See the Resources section.