How to Learn Mobile Repair

By Frank Dioso

Millions of people around the world use mobile phones to communicate. Mobile phones, like any other form of electronics, are not immune to wear over time. There are increasing numbers of opportunities in the repair industry for individuals who possess a good understanding and know-how on cellphone repair. You can learn the needed skills to repair wireless cellular phones so you can work in a telecommunications company or start your own cellphone repair business.

Step 1

Enroll in a cell phone repair class if you can find one that fits your needs, budget and schedule. Most trade schools offer electronics repair courses, and cell phones can be included in the curriculum. Some classes maybe be free of charge, some charge on a per-session basis.

Step 2

Use an illustrated book about cell phone repair to teach yourself how to repair a mobile phone. These books can show you how to open and remove parts of a cellphone. These books also can help you understand the basics of electronics repair. They can also show you how to start your own cell phone repair business.

Step 3

Learn mobile phone repair online. There are numerous cell phone repair resources, including instructional videos, training groups and online bulletin boards. Interact with fellow cell phone repair students through the forums. Ask about any cell phone repair techniques you may be unclear about during your training.

Step 4

Consult a repair technician at a small cellphone repair kiosk in a mall or other business establishment. Most technicians can personally train you how to repair a mobile phone for a fee. Talk to them when they are not busy with customers.