How to Learn Quickbooks Free

By Ty Arthur

Keeping your business accounts in order and keeping track of various taxes can be an extremely complicated task, which is why the Quickbooks software exists to automate the process for you. Unfortunately, learning Quickbooks without a proper teaching tool can be just as confusing as the trying to manage the accounts on your own. You don't need to spend any money to properly learn Quickbooks, however, as there are many online tutorials available for free.

Things You'll Need

  • Library card

Step 1

Open the Quickbooks program and then return to your web browser. Navigate to a free online Quickbooks tutorial that starts with basic information (see Resources).

Step 2

Read through the introductory information about understanding how accounting works with Quickbooks. Proceed on to the first example and follow along in your Quickbooks program with the information in the tutorial. Follow the instructions in the tutorial for creating a new company profile.

Step 3

Continue to the next set of instructions about setting up your income and expense accounts. Follow along in Quickbooks and setup your own account information.

Step 4

Read through the next few steps of the basic tutorial to learn about changing preferences, such as sales tax and setting up a payroll. Head to a public library and pick up a Quickbooks tutorial book such as "Quickbooks: The Official Guide," "Quickbooks: The Missing Manual" or "Quickbooks For Dummies."

Step 5

Read through the text tutorial to supplement your learning from the online tutorial. Check the charts and tables in the book to find additional information beyond what the online tutorial explains.

Step 6

Access a Quickbooks forum if want to use a feature that isn't covered in the book or online tutorial. Sign up for a username on the forum and then post a question about the problem you are having. Wait for another user to post an answer.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are several different versions of the Quickbooks software available, and each version has slightly different features that may not be included in online tutorials. Click the "Help" button in the Quickbooks program and type the name of the feature you want to use if you find a difference between the tutorial and what is on your screen.

References & Resources