How to Leave a Message on Someone's Voice Mail Without The Phone Ringing

By Christell York

Avoiding a phone call is not hard in the era of caller ID, but avoiding someone while still leaving a message is harder. Place a call to someone and connect directly to voicemail using a free service called Slydial. Slydial allows you dial a special number from any landline or mobile phone and connect directly to an individual's mobile voice mail without taking a chance that the phone will ring. Once you connect, leave a message that will be sent directly to the person's voicemail inbox.

Step 1

Dial the special Slydial number available from the service's website. You can use a mobile or landline phone.

Step 2

Go through the prompts and enter the number for the phone you don't want to ring.

Step 3

Record your voicemail message and disconnect your call when finished. Your message will be sent to the recipient's voicemail inbox.