How to Leave a Number When Paging Someone

By Andre Zollars

Pagers have evolved since they were first introduced into the marketplace and are often referred to as "beepers." Originally capable of only receiving a numeric page, the newest alphanumeric pagers can now send and receive text, as well as email. If you only need to leave your phone number for a return call, it is a simple process.

Step 1

Dial the pager number of the person you need to contact.

Step 2

Listen carefully for the voice prompts and follow the instructions for leaving a numeric message. In many cases, all you do is dial the number of your numeric message, and then either press a button or hang up to end the call.

Step 3

Wait for the return phone call. The person with the pager will receive a message within a few moments of your call with your numeric page.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some pagers allow you to send text messages, emails or leave a voicemail. When you dial the pager number you will receive a voice message alerting you to the type of message you may leave.