How to Leave a Text Message Without Your Cell Number Showing Up

By Riz Khan

If you want to send an anonymous text message, then texting through your cell phone is not an option. In such cases, it is more suitable to use an online application for sending the message. You will find a number of free online SMS sending tools that deliver the text message instantly without revealing any information about the sender.

Step 1

Navigate to the Send SMS Now website (see Resources). Register for free by providing information such as your name and email address and choosing a username and password. After successful registration, return to the home page and sign in using the top left login form. After signing in to your account, you can start sending text messages using the SMS sending tool. Enter the phone number to which the text message is to be delivered, then enter your message in the "Message" field. Hit "Send SMS" button to deliver your message.

Step 2

Navigate to the Mobile Sender website (see Resources). This website also requires you to register before you can send your messages. Registration is simple and only requires you to select a username and password for your new account along with a valid email address. Click "SIGN UP FOR FREE" after entering this information in the fields given on the website's homepage. When you have created your new account, send the text message by entering the cell phone number of the recipient and the message to be sent in the respective fields. You will also have to choose the carrier from the drop-down list. Click "SEND IT FREE" to deliver your message.

Step 3

Navigate to the Send Anonymous SMS website (see Resources). Enter the phone number of the message recipient, the country in which the message is to be delivered, and the message in the respective fields. Also, enter the security code as given in the image. Click "SEND SMS!" to deliver your text message.