How to Link Cell Sheets in Excel 2007

By Carter McBride

When using Microsoft Excel with several different worksheets, you can link between cells from the worksheets to display numbers -- such as in a summary sheet -- or to perform calculations between the sheets. To perform this task, use the "sheetname!celladdress" as part of the formula. The sheet name is what you named the sheet and the cell address is the location, such as A1, of the cell you want to link.

Step 1

Type "=" in the cell that you want the link to occur in.

Step 2

Click the worksheet, located at the bottom of the page, that contains the cell you want to link.

Step 3

Select the cell you want to link and press "Enter." Excel then takes you back to the page where you created the link. By selecting the cell, the Excel automatically formats the "sheetname!celladdress" for you.