How to Link Sheets in Excel 2007

By Foye Robinson

An Excel workbook may include several worksheets, each with its own content. You can use Excel's paste link feature to tie worksheets together. When you link one sheet to another, the contents on the first sheet are reflected in the second (destination) sheet linked to it. Therefore, any changes you make to the original worksheet are automatically applied to the second. You can tell a worksheet is linked by clicking on a cell in the destination sheet. The formula bar (above the column heading) displays the address of the original cell.

Step 1

Highlight the content of the first (original) sheet you want to link in Excel 2007.

Step 2

Click on the worksheet tab (at the bottom of your spreadsheet) of the worksheet you want to link to.

Step 3

Select the "Home" tab. Choose "Paste" and "Paste Link" from the "Clipboard" group to link to the sheet.