How to Listen to Music Using a Bluetooth Headset

By Jennifer Keigh

Bluetooth is a trademark for a wireless protocol that exchanges data over short distances, connecting devices without having to sync via cables. In addition to enabling file transfer and hands-free calling, Bluetooth is often used to listen to music wirelessly. Bluetooth headsets can be paired with cell phones, media players, computers, TVs and home stereos.

Step 1

Enable Bluetooth on your cell phone or music player. Depending on your model, this may be found in the main menu. Look for the Bluetooth option, then select Enable Bluetooth or Turn On.

Step 2

Put your Bluetooth headset in pairing mode. When using it for the first time, this may entail pressing and holding the power button until it flashes red and blue lights, indicating it’s entering a mode where another device, such as your cell phone, can find it.

Step 3

Connect your music player to the Bluetooth headset. From your device’s Bluetooth menu, find the setting that allows it to search for new devices, and select. Once your music player finds your Bluetooth device, it will ask for a pass code. This may be set to default 0000 or may be four digits found on a sticker on the headset or in its user manual.

Step 4

Enter the pass code and select OK or Connect.

Step 5

Choose the songs you want to listen to and press Play on your media player. The music will play through the headset until you turn off either the media player or the headset. See your headset’s user manual for how to adjust volume, pause, reverse and fast-forward.

Tips & Warnings

  • After pairing for the first time, you may only need turn on Bluetooth on the music player, then turn on the headset—it should connect automatically if your music player is set to connect on power up.
  • When paired with a cell phone, many stereo headsets allow you to answer an incoming call from the headset, which pauses the music.