How to Live Stream

By Arnold Fischer

Streaming is a term used when a video image is broadcast to a website for a private conference or to many thousands for a public broadcast. Live streaming enables the viewer to see the video immediately. This may be used for training purposes or news reporting. Websites like,, or allow live streaming from their members, and audience members can go to the websites to view the feeds.

Things You'll Need

  • Webcam
  • Microphone

Step 1

Connect a webcam and microphone to the computer. Install the appropriate software, which is included with the video equipment. This will allow the user to test the equipment's performance. A webcam and microphone are already installed on most laptops.

Step 2

Go to a live streaming site such as Ustream, Justin or Stickam and register to become a member. Once this is done, the website will provide the user with their own unique web address. This web address can be emailed to the viewer or pasted in a website for all to see. It is a good idea to post a time to view the broadcast.

Step 3

Download and install the required software to upload the stream from the streaming website. This will allow the video and audio to be broadcast on the website.

Step 4

Pick the broadcast location and turn on the camera and microphone. Enable the streaming software to start broadcasting. Go to the assigned website and preview the feed. Invite viewers to watch and begin broadcasting.