How to Load Globe Broadband

By Rianne Hill Soriano

Globe Tattoo is the mobile broadband service from Globe Telecom, one of the three major telecommunication companies in the Philippines, which also includes Smart Communications and Sun Cellular. This broadband service requires the use of a USB modem inserted in the computer's USB port in order to surf the Internet. Users can choose a prepaid or post-paid service for Globe Tattoo. For those using prepaid accounts, their modems must have enough load to continue surfing the Internet.

Step 1

Write down or memorize your Globe Tattoo SIM number. This is written on the upper right hand side of your SIM card, which is placed inside the Globe Tattoo USB modem.

Step 2

Go to a retail shop in a mall, store or any commercial establishment with the Globe retailer signage. Apart from major locations and Globe stores around the country, many small-scale businesses offer Globe services. Find these small business in Internet and computer shops, salons, office supply stores, bookstores and restaurants.

Step 3

Use the "AutoLoad Max" service. Choose from the available e-load denominations offered by the retailer, provide your Globe Tattoo SIM number and pay the load amount. You will receive a confirmation message in your computer's Globe Tattoo program window for the successful reloading. At the same time, the mobile phone used by the retailer for the e-load process will also receive a confirmation text that the transaction was successful.

Step 4

Purchase a Globe Tattoo prepaid card. Choose from the available load denominations from the retailer and then pay the prepaid card amount. Scratch the silver patch at the back of the card to get the activation code on the left side and locate the PIN number on the right side. This process requires the use of a Globe mobile phone. Call the number "223," then enter the activation code and PIN number, once prompted by the voice recording. You will receive a confirmation message from the voice prompt once the load successfully adds to your broadband load balance.

Step 5

Use "Share -a-Load." Another choice for Globe subscribers is to load a credit balance to their Globe Tattoo account through the process called "Share-a-Load." Here, you transfer load credits from your Globe phone to your Globe Tattoo SIM. Go to the "Messaging" menu and create an SMS message. Type the load amount you intend to transfer and then send your text message to your Globe Tattoo number. However, instead of sending it to the exact number of your Globe Tattoo account, you must replace the first digit, which is "0" by default, to "2." This means that a Globe Tattoo number "0915-xxx-xxxx" requires replacement with "2915-xxx-xxxx." You will readily receive a confirmation message indicating the successful "Share-a-Load" transaction.

Tips & Warnings

  • When buying a prepaid card instead of using the e-load service, it is best that you are a Globe mobile phone subscriber because it requires the use of a Globe phone to load the amount indicated on the card. This is available for both prepaid and post-paid Globe subscribers. Otherwise, you need to borrow another person's Globe phone to load your broadband account.