How to Locate a Car With GPS Tracking

By Steve Gregory

Global Positioning System or GPS is a global navigation satellite system that broadcasts a signal GPS receivers can pick up. Once a signal is established with the receiver, its location in real time can be accessed. Using a GPS device, it is possible to track and locate a car using software available for both cell phones and computers. Depending on the tracking system's software interface you can not only track the speed and direction of the car but also look at historical data regarding the vehicle's past locations.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS device
  • Tracking software

Step 1

Purchase a GPS tracking device or service. There are several companies that sell GPS devices that can be used to locate your car. A couple of examples are, and Go to either website and sign up for a service plan and GPS device that fits your needs.

Step 2

Place the GPS vehicle tracking device in your car. Install the GPS device in the location suggested by the manufacturer, which is usually on the dash in the front of the car or on the rear window in the back. This is because the device works better if it has an unobstructed view of the sky to receive the satellite signal.

Step 3

Access the tracking software on your computer or cell phone. Most tracking systems are Internet based and are accessed through the web browser on your phone or computer. Open your favorite browser and go to the address provided by the GPS service company.

Step 4

Enter your login name and password to enter your account and locate your car. You may need to set up a new account the first time you visit the site. Click "Account login" and fill out the open fields. Click "Finish" or "Create account" when you are done. You will be sent a confirmation email and account access instructions with your new username and password. Use these to access your account.

Step 5

Track your car. Use the tabs in the software to locate your car. For example, click "Locate" or "Find my position" to instantly see where your car is. Depending on how powerful the system is you can locate your car to within several feet.