How to Locate a Cell Number for Free

By LaTasha Rogers

Unlike home phone numbers, cell-phone numbers are not as accessible in phone directories. Many people own cell phones, and some use it as their primary phone. If you need to contact someone but do not have a cell-phone number for the person, there are ways to locate that cell-phone number.

Step 1

Ask any mutual friends you and the person you are trying to locate may have. Your mutual friend may have had recent contact with the person and can give you an updated number.

Step 2

Call his home phone number or work phone number if you have access to them. Sometime people list their cell phone or alternate number on their voice mail and answering machine messages.

Step 3

Use a people-search website such as Spokeo, White Pages or People Search. These people-search options might list cell numbers in addition to home numbers. You will need the name of the person to locate the cell-phone number.

Tips & Warnings

  • Not all cell phone numbers will be available to the public.

References & Resources