How to Locate a Mobile Without GPS

By Dan Harkins

Losing your cell phone can be a worrisome experience, especially if it doesn't come equipped with GPS locating technology. But don't start worrying right away. There are some techniques that can help you find your phone right now, or at least narrow down where it might be. And another method can help you safeguard it from being lost again.

Step 1

Use another phone to call your cell. If it's around, you will hear it.

Step 2

Send a text message from another phone to your phone. Sometimes, your ringer is turned off or isn't set as loud as your messaging alert. Listen for the distinctive tone.

Step 3

Navigate online to Where's my, if you don't have access to another phone but do have access to the Internet. This is a free service that will call your phone. Enter your phone number and select "Call." Listen for the ring.

Step 4

Backtrack your steps and keep calling and texting. If you still can't find your phone around where you are, try calling it again after returning to work or another place you have visited. Keep calling it from different locations. At the least, someone might eventually answer and arrange for its return.

Step 5

Install tracking software onto your phone before it gets lost again. Navigate to an online service and install the software after connecting your phone to your Web-ready computer via a USB adapter.