How to Locate a Person's Address for Free

By Angela M. Wheeland

The Internet makes it possible to find almost any information about anyone. Finding someone's address requires some common knowledge about a person. Knowing their first and last name is necessary but having additional information will help tremendously in your search. There are many websites that charge a fee to do an address search, but there are a few that perform your search free.

Things You'll Need

  • Full name
  • City or state of residence
  • Phone number

Step 1

Gather as much information you can about the person. It is helpful to know the person's phone number, city and state of residence and any relatives.

Step 2

Use a search engine to search the person's phone number. If you have the person's number, enter the number into Google or Yahoo! search engines. Unless it is a cellular phone, the search engine will display the address under which the phone number is registered.

Step 3

Use a search engine to search the person's name. Enter the name in quotes. For instance, type in "Jane Doe" and press enter. If you know the state or city they live in, type in "Jane Doe" Madison, Wisconsin.

Step 4

Search the WhitePages and Yahoo! People Search. Enter their first and last name into the search engine and navigate through the results. If more than one person with the same name lives in the area, calling the person may be the only way to identify which is the correct address.

Step 5

Search for any known relatives. Search for the phone number or address of any known relatives and contact them to inquire about the address of the person you are trying to find. A relative can be more helpful and accurate than information on the Internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use multiple search engines to locate a person's address. One website may not be up to date or as reliable as others may.
  • If you cannot locate the person's address after exhausting all avenues, you may need to use a website such as US Search. US Search is a reliable website but charges a small fee per search.