How to Locate a Stolen Cell Phone by GPS

By Palmer Owyoung

Today people use their cell phones for more than just to place a call. They are used as cameras, video recorders and as a means to send and store files. They have in fact become our mobile offices. So if your phone is lost or stolen you will obviously want to get it back as quickly as possible. If you had the foresight to install GPS tracking on your phone beforehand then there's a good chance that you can.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS tracking software

Step 1

Call your cell phone company to check if your cell phone is E911 enabled. This was a system set up on most smart phones in 2007 for emergency responders to be able to track 911 calls. However phone companies can trigger the GPS tracking chip in the event that the phone is lost. You will of course need to prove that you are the owner of the phone. Contact your mobile service provider to activate the chip. It will usually allow you to see where a phone is within 20 meters.

Step 2

Install a GPS tracking software. There are several free ones available that will allow you to track your cell phone in the event that it is stolen. Some that you might consider using are Mologogo, Instamapper or Google Maps for mobile.

Step 3

Try Mologogo. The advantage with this program is that it is incredibly simple to use and easy to install. It can be up and ready to go in less than 20 minutes. Once installed you will simply need to log on to the website with any computer or Internet-enabled PDA or smart phone to see where your cell phone is at. In addition you can make your location available on your friend's or family member's phones as well. So if your phone is lost or stolen, you can simply call them and ask where it is.

Step 4

Try Instamapper. This program is similar to Mologogo, but it will give you a few more details such as speed, longitude, latitude and heading. The maps are also a bit more detailed and pleasant to look at, but otherwise it is virtually identical to Mologogo.

Step 5

Get Google Maps for Mobile. This is the most comprehensive of the choices. In addition to offering GPS tracking, it has extensive GPS navigation capabilities offering turn-by-turn audio direction on your phone just like a car's GPS system would. It also has the friend's function similar to Mologogo, which will allow you to find your stolen phone by having your friend check his or her phone.