How to Locate an Active Cell Phone Number Location

By Brian Cleary

The portability and power of cellular phones today gives users the ability to turn them into tracking devices. This is especially useful for parents who wish to keep an eye on their children, but not necessarily alert them to the tracking. There are several services on the Internet that offer real-time monitoring of the location of a cellular phone. Even wireless carriers have gotten on the bandwagon and are offering these tracking features with their wireless plans. Most of the time, a software installation onto the phone will be necessary for the average consumer in order to begin tracking the location of a cellular phone.

Things You'll Need

  • A GPS-enabled cellular phone
  • Cellular tracking software
  • Internet connection

Step 1

Select a service that will monitor the GPS signal of your target phone. If your wireless carrier doesn't offer the service, or it's not included with your plan, there are many services on the Internet that offer GPS mobile phone tracking.

Step 2

Install the monitoring software on the target phone. The monitoring service you choose will provide software based on the model of the phone you want to track. This software must be installed on the target phone. Each phone, service and software will be different, so follow the instructions provided carefully to ensure the software is installed correctly.

Step 3

Collect the data from the monitoring service. Depending on which service you choose, there are several options for viewing the location of the phone. Some services offer real-time text messages to your personal cell phone, while others require you to log in to their website to see the information.