How to Locate an iPhone Through GPS

By Mario Calhoun

The iPhone's GPS chip allows it to be tracked using the MobileMe "Find My iPhone" service, which is included in the MobileMe individual and family plan. The iPhone connects to nearby satellites to pinpoint its exact location, and can be used when the phone is turned on and connected to a cellular network. A located iPhone can then be remotely erased if it lost or stolen to protect your privacy. You can also display a custom message for whoever found it to return the device.

Things You'll Need

  • MobileMe service

Step 1

Visit the MobileMe login page, then enter your MobileMe account name and password (see Resources).

Step 2

Click the cloud icon at the top of the browser's window, then click the "Find My iPhone" icon.

Step 3

Type your MobileMe password in the blank password field. Click "Continue" or press "Enter."

Step 4

Click the name of your iPhone under the "Devices" menu of your browser to locate your mobile device. The browser window displays an approximate location of the phone if it is turned on.