How to Locate Sprint Cell Towers

By Nadine Ali

Cell tower distribution is based on population density and demand. In larger, more-crowded cities, cell towers are located within short distances of each other, providing consumers with a strong and reliable signal. The Sprint service in some rural areas, particularly the Midwest, national parks and woodlands may be very weak; locating and moving closer to a cell phone tower will help enhance cell reception and call quality.

Step 1

Visit the Sprint service coverage check page (see Resource).

Step 2

Enter your address, city and state or zip code into the search bar above the map, and click "Map It!" Blue icons will appear on the map, representing the towers located in and around your area.

Step 3

Use the "zoom in/zoom out" feature on the side of the map to enlarge it, read the street names and determine the cell tower's exact location; shift the map around by clicking and dragging on it to keep a specific area in sight, if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use the color chart on the right-hand side of the map to determine which areas near you provide the best cell reception. For example, dark green is "Best" for cell reception and call quality.