How to Look for a Phone or a Cell Number for Free

By James McElroy

If you need to find a phone number or cell phone number for free, there are a few resources that will help you in your search. A comprehensive directory of cell phone numbers does not exist, but a diligent search can still yield good results.

Step 1

Look in the phone book. This works best with land lines, but some professionals publish their cell phone numbers, especially in the business listings and paid advertisements. Many businesses open to the public keep phone books on hand. If you do not have a phone book, visit a store and ask to see one.

Step 2

Conduct an online search. Type the person's name, followed by the words "phone number," and check the results for a web page that has the person's phone number or cell phone number. Visit the website of the publisher that prints the phone book in the person's area. Often these sites let visitors search phone listings for free.

Step 3

Call or visit the person's place of business, or someone who knows him, and ask for the person's phone number or cell phone number.