How to Look for Images on a Hard Drive

By Lucosi Fuller

If you've forgotten the name of a folder in which you saved some of your image files, you can perform a search of your hard drive to find all of those lost images. The search feature on a computer is often overlooked, but it works much like the search bar on a Web browser, and some can even browse the Internet. You should be able to find all of your images in any of the folders on your hard drive.

Step 1

Click on "Start" menu and type "Search" or click on "Search."

Step 2

Click on "Search Everywhere."

Step 3

Click on "Picture."

Step 4

Click on "Advanced Search."

Step 5

Click on the box beside "Location" and a drop-down menu will appear on which you should click on "Local Hard Drives."

Step 6

If you know the date on which the picture was taken, click on the box beside "Date taken" and select the date.

Step 7

Select the "Name," "Tags," or "Title" in the designated boxes.

Step 8

Click the box that says "Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files" to do a more thorough, but slower, search.

Step 9

Click on "Search" and wait for the image files to appear.