How to Lower My DirecTV Package

By Matt McGew

DirecTV is a satellite television service that offers a variety of subscription package options. As a DirecTV customer, you may want to lower or change your package to save money or because your television viewing habits have changed. You can downgrade or change your service plan and lower your monthly bill by calling DirecTV's customer service center.

Step 1

Call DirecTV customer service at 888-777-2454.

Step 2

Confirm your identity. Answer the customer service representative's security questions to verify your ownership of the DirecTV account. These questions may include information about your account, payment method or identity information.

Step 3

Ask the customer service representative about any promotional offers or discounted package options currently offered by DirecTV. DirecTV frequently offers special discounts that may or may not appear on the DirecTV website. For example, you may qualify for free premium channels if you agree to a service contract, or you may be eligible for a promotional rate for the first six months after selecting a new package. Additionally, ask the representative if any packages offer you the same or additional channels for a lower monthly subscription fee.

Step 4

Ask to be transferred to a Customer Retention agent. State that you plan to cancel your DirecTV service and switch to cable, if no acceptable discounts or promotional plans are available. In many cases, DirecTV may offer you special discounts to retain you as a customer. If the representative asks why you want to cancel your service, specifically state that you are unhappy with your DirecTV subscription rate.

Step 5

Tell the customer service representative that you would like to downgrade your DirecTV package, if other acceptable options are not available. The representative will discuss your downgrade options and complete the downgrade while you wait on the phone. You may be required to select a new DirecTV package and agree to any fees for downgrading your service. Typically, DirecTV charges a fee if you downgrade your service within 30 days of adding a new service to your account.

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