How to Lower Your Ping

By Paul Higgins

When playing online video games, it is important to maintain a low ping to avoid experiencing a delay between the time one of your opponents performs an action and the time your game reflects that action on your screen. A ping, which is a numerical value, expresses the delay in milliseconds between sending and receiving data from a game server. The higher your ping is, the longer it takes for you to react to what happens in the game. You can lower your ping in just a few steps.

Step 1

Connect to servers which are close to you. If you attempt to play on a game server which is on another continent or even across the country, you will most probably have a high ping. Usually, most game servers include the name of their city or country in their name. Use your game's server browser to find servers which are close to you.

Step 2

Terminate any program which uses bandwidth before playing an online game. Such programs include file sharing applications, streaming media or other games.

Step 3

Call your Internet service provider and ask them to check your Internet connection on their end. Several hardware or configuration issues can prevent you from getting a low ping.

Step 4

Upgrade your Internet connection to broadband. Or, if you already have a broadband Internet connection such as Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) or cable Internet, consider upgrading it to a faster package.