How to Mail a Cell Phone

By Nicole Byerly

Sending a phone to someone through the mail can be crucial, like when a family member has forgotten his phone when leaving for college or when leaving on an extended trip. Individual cell phone distributors find proper shipping important when mailing phones to customers who have purchased them online. Mailing a phone is a rather simple process that requires proper packaging in order to ensure the recipient receives the phone in good working condition.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-by-4-by-8-inch box
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape
  • Shipping label
  • Pen
  • Form of payment
  • Scissors

Step 1

Press the power button and hold it until the phone shuts off. Shipping a phone that is powered on will cause a delay in use once the phone is received because the battery will be dead.

Step 2

Wrap the phone in two to three layers of bubble wrap, with the bubbles facing into the phone. Multiple layers of bubble wrap will protect the phone during rough handling.

Step 3

Cut away excess bubble wrap with scissors and tape the bubble wrap in place. Three to four pieces will hold both ends as well as the overlapping center.

Step 4

Insert the phone into an appropriate box. A 2-by-4-by-8-inch box is perfect for mailing a cell phone. Tape the box shut with packaging tape around every edge.

Step 5

Fill out the shipping label with a pen and place it onto the box. Most shipping labels are self-adhesive, but if the one you have is not, secure it to the box with packaging tape.

Step 6

Bring the package to the nearest shipping company location. Pay shipment to mail the phone.