How to Make a Baby Emoticon

By Chris Hoke

An emoticon is a series of letters, numbers or symbols that, when looked at sideways, represent a face. These faces are used in Internet messaging and text messages as shorthand for more lengthy ideas. Typically, these faces depict emotions such as happiness, sadness or anger, but they can also be used to display a particular person, such as a celebrity, or a type of person. You can even make an emoticon that looks like a baby.

Step 1

Click to place your cursor in the text field where you want to create the baby emoticon.

Step 2

Type a tilde character to represent the baby's hair. The tilde character is displayed as "~" and is found to the far left of the number row above the letters on a standard keyboard.

Step 3

Type a colon to create the baby's eyes. The colon is located on the right side of a standard keyboard and displays as ":".

Step 4

Type a lowercase "o" to represent an open mouth for the baby. When typed out, the baby emoticon looks like this: ~:o

Tips & Warnings

  • To add arms and legs to the baby emoticon, type a closing and opening bracket after the baby emoticon, like this: ~:o><