How to Make a Blueprint Online

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You can plan your entire home design with digital blueprint services.
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You don't need great drawing skills to plan the design of your room if you use online blueprint services. Many Web-based services don't require any download to create a blueprint either from scratch of from an existing model. Use pre-made icons to fill your rooms with furniture, doors and appliances. Online services let your print, save and share your blueprints.


Picking Software, Smallblueprinter and the Autodesk Homestyler (links in Resources) all offer free online tools for creating a blueprint. Floorplanner allows you to add photos to your blueprint and view it through an iOS app, but the free plan only allows you to save one project. Smallblueprinter is a good choice if you need multiple rulers to help you keep the scale of a room, but it a visually simple tool with limited images. Autodesk's tool offers the widest variety of appliances and furniture to add to your room, but it is a very complex tool to use.


Setting Your Scale

Online blueprints use a form of an architect's scale that will list how many feet each square in the blueprint grid represents. For example, if a square on your blueprint has a side length of two feet, it will be listed as 1:2'. Convert your room and furniture measurements from feet into squares with using this scale. The resize tool can adjust furniture icons so that they are the right size for your scale. Scales can be found at the bottom or in the margins of your blueprint.


Building Your Room

Draw the outermost walls of your design with the wall or room tools on your service. Center your design as much as possible. Next, use the interior wall tools to draw structural walls such as those dividing rooms or creating closets. Starting with the walls helps you maintain the right scale and it's easiest to make changes or adjustments before you add extra details. Use the door and window tools to finish the structural design of your blueprint.

Extra Items and Features

Add appliances, furniture and fixtures to your blueprint by dragging their icons onto your blueprint surface. Adjust their size and location by clicking on the item and then selecting the resize, rotate or edit tools. To layer icons, such as putting a vase on your table, click the table icon and click the "Back" button on the planner toolbar. Drag the flowers onto your table, then click the flowers icon and the "Front" button. Use layers so saved and printed designs don't misinterpret what icon should be shown on top.


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