How to Make a Boot CD With Nero 8

By Catherine Hewson

While previously only certain models of PCs came with CD burners, now every PC, with the exception of netbooks, comes with a CD burner. CD burners can be used to burn both audio and data CDs, as well as boot CDs. If you have Nero 8 on your PC, you may be looking to use the program to make a boot CD. Luckily, making a bootable CD is easy and only requires that you have a blank CD-R available for use.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank CD-R

Step 1

Insert a blank CD-R into your CD drive.

Step 2

Click "Start > Programs" and select "Nero StartSmart." Nero will then open.

Step 3

Select "Nero Burning ROM" from the Nero 8 application list.

Step 4

Click the "New" icon on the Nero 8 toolbar.

Step 5

Select "CD-ROM (Boot)" from the New Compilation window.

Step 6

Select the "Image file" button and then click the "Browse" button.

Step 7

Navigate to the location of your bootable image file and select the image. Click "Open."

Step 8

Click "Burn" to burn the image. Note that the process may take a while to complete, so be patient. Once the disc ejects, you've successfully made a boot CD with Nero 8.

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