How to Make a Cassette Adapter Not Pop Out

By Whitney Houston

A cassette adapter is an inexpensive and simple device that allows you to listen to external audio sources from your car speakers through the tape deck installed in the dash. The adapter looks like an ordinary cassette tape with a cable attached. But when the adapter is inserted into the tape deck, it may immediately eject and prevent you from using the external source. The problem could be caused by a dirty adapter, a dirty tape deck, an improperly placed adapter cord or an incorrect playback direction.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cleaning cloth
  • Mild cleaner
  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver

Step 1

Position the adapter's attached cord as close to the opening of the tape deck as possible upon insertion. Do not insert the adapter with the attached cord extending down into the deck where it might jam the tape player's internal mechanism. For adjustable adapters, lift open the top side of the cassette and move the attached cord to the side farthest away from the internal tape deck mechanism. If the tape deck requires that a tape be inserted sideways, move the cord to the outermost side of the adapter, fit it into the cord opening and push the adapter closed until it snaps in place.

Step 2

Eject the cassette adapter from the tape deck, turn it over and insert the opposite side. The new position might be accepted.

Step 3

Push the tape deck's playback-direction button with the adapter inside the deck. Note that not all car tape decks have a playback-direction button.

Step 4

Eject the cassette adapter, insert a cleaning cassette and run it through the tape deck for about 10 seconds before reinserting the adapter. A dirty tape deck might not allow the adapter to function properly.

Step 5

Examine the adapter's wheel gear. If you see accessible dirt or grime, use a soft cloth dampened with a mild cleaner to wipe it clean. Allow time for the adapter to dry before reinserting.

Step 6

Use a small Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the adapter's casing screws. Save the screws and gently separate both sides of the adapter. Keep all components in place as you inspect the inside -- especially the wheel gears -- for blockage or grime. Wipe away any dirt with a soft damp cloth, allow the insides to dry, put the two adapter halves back together and replace the screws.