How to Make a Collect Call to a Cell Phone

By Contributing Writer

As more and more people have begun using cell phones, the need to make collect calls has diminished. Unfortunately, with so many fees and charges that cellular phone companies need to keep track of, they in turn don't want to spend time trying to get reimbursed for an outside collect call charge. But even though you can't make collect calls to cell phones directly, there are third-party companies that are specifically set up to make these types of collect calls. The process is the same as a regular collect call, only you have to make it via the company. And the only thing you have to worry about in order to make your collect call is dialing a few extra numbers.

Step 1

From a telephone, dial the number for a third-party collect call company (see Resources). These companies are usually accessed via "800" numbers.

Step 2

Wait for the voice prompts in the main system menu of the company to instruct you. Use your keypad to select the option to make a collect call.

Step 3

Enter the cell phone number you wish to dial, area code first. You will hear a tone prompting you to speak your name into the phone in order to identify you to the recipient.

Step 4

Wait for the company to dial the number, and then wait while the recipient accepts the charges. After the recipient confirms the charges, you will be put through to his/her cell phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many collect call companies will allow you to press "0" in order speak to an operator at any time during the setup process if you are confused.