How to Make a Copy of My Internet Favorites

By Damarious Page

Internet Explorer (IE) stores a "local" copy of the links in "Favorites" on the hard drive, usually under a Windows user account name. Users cannot quickly copy and paste these links from the IE browser to another if they want to use the "Favorites" feature on another user account or on a completely different computer. Instead, users must extract these bookmarked hyperlinks in a controlled fashion so that they remain usable in whatever capacity the user necessitates. Microsoft includes such a function in IE that effectively creates a working copy of your "Favorites."

Step 1

Open the IE browser. Click on the "Favorites" button on the toolbar, which opens the "Favorites" pane on the left side of the window.

Step 2

Click the down arrow on the right side of the "Add to Favorites" button. Select "Import and Export" from the menu, which opens the "Import/Export Settings" dialog box.

Step 3

Fill in the radio button next to "Export to a File." Click "Next."

Step 4

Click a checkmark inside the box next to "Favorites." Select "Next."

Step 5

Click to highlight the "Favorites" folder, which is above the "Favorites Bar" folder. Choose "Next."

Step 6

Click the "Browse" button, which opens another dialog box. Click "Cancel" if you want IE to copy the favorites to the default location, which is usually the "Documents" folder. Otherwise, click on another folder and then click "Save" to instruct IE to save favorites in that specified location. The second dialog box will disappear after selecting either option.

Step 7

Click the "Export" button at the bottom of the original dialog box. Click the "Finish" button after the following message appears in the box: "You Have Successfully Exported These Settings." A copy of the Favorites in IE is saved to the hard drive.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use "Import" functions in almost any browser, including IE, to copy the favorites into the application and recreate clickable and usable hyperlinks.
  • "Favorites" is actually called "Bookmarks" in the Firefox, Chrome and Safari Internet browsers. You can perform similar exporting and copying functions in those applications (see Resources).