How to Make a Crying Smiley on a Text

By J.S. Copper

Emoticons, or text-based smiley faces, help users express emotion while having text-based chats, which can be quite emotionally ambiguous. Emoticons have become so prevalent in text conversations that many applications will automatically recognize the smiley face and replace it with an actual graphic. There are a couple different ways you can create a crying smiley face, though it is certainly not hard to do so.

Step 1

Open the text messaging application on your phone.

Step 2

Select or enter the desired recipient.

Step 3

Enter a colon, apostrophe, hyphen and an open parenthesis in the body of the text message to create a crying emoticon. The result is ":'-(" with the apostrophe representing tears. Optionally, you can replace the apostrophe with a tilde and remove the hyphen, resulting in ":~(". Enter any remaining message you wish to accompany the crying emoticon and press "Send."