How to Make a Curved Text Box in Word

By A.J. Andrews

Microsoft Word has several versatile tools that allow you to manipulate the way text appears in a document. The drawing application, which contains a subset of graphic tools, including WordArt, allows you to modify color gradient, shading and word positioning in just a few steps. After you enter your text in the WordArt dialog box, Word places the entered text on the document. You can then place it using the same positional tool you use when you move an image.

Step 1

Open Word and click “Insert” followed by “WordArt.” Select the letter style you wish to use.

Step 2

Select “Text Effects” from the “Drawing Tools – Format” tab. Select “Transform” in the “Text Effects” drop-down menu.

Step 3

Select the curved-text style you want under the “Follow Path” heading in the “Transform” pop-out side menu.