How to Make a Facebook Event Invitation

By Raleigh Hansman

Inviting all of your friends, family and colleagues to an event, party or celebration has never been quicker or less expensive than with Facebook's Event invitation. Provide guests with party details, such as time, location and theme, on one easy-to-locate page. You are also able to post your event directly to your friend's walls, making it even easier and faster to invite people. With a few quick clicks, you can have your guest list created and invites sent.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser, go to and sign-in with your unique email address and password.

Step 2

Look to the bottom bar of the Facebook homepage. Click on the calendar icon with the 31 on it.

Step 3

Click the "Create an Event" button on the upper right hand corner of the newly opened page.

Step 4

Fill in all information required on new page, click "Continue."

Step 5

Upload a picture for your event on the following page by browsing your picture files. Click the box beneath the upload that certifies you are able to use this picture.

Step 6

Check or un-check the settings you want for your event. If you want to enable people to write on your posted events wall, be sure the box is checked. If you would like to make this a secret event, only visible to those you invite, you will want to check the secret button. Click "Save."

Step 7

Click "Publish" in the box that pops up between pages if you would like your event to appear on all of your friends homepages. If you have a selective guest list, click "Skip."

Step 8

Click on which friends you would like to invite to your event. Click "Send Invitations" to formally send out your Facebook Event invite.