How to Make a Flyer on Mac

By Christopher Capelle

Ask graphic artists what computer platform they prefer and the majority will say "Mac." Making a flyer on a Mac is simple, mostly because the required software is Mac-friendly and easy to use. Though there are many different software packages that allow Mac users to create professional flyers (such as Photoshop, Quark, InDesign and Pagemaker), these steps apply to any type of software.

Step 1

Visualize exactly how your flyer is going to look. Paper size, graphics and copy are the main factors you need to consider. Plan the message: Is it going to be a flyer connected with a certain event, or an “evergreen” flyer that provides timeless information?

Step 2

Write the copy and select the graphics. With copy, remember that less is more. Opt for high resolution graphics that are relevant to your message. If you’re creating a flyer for a client, obtain a company logo and the font they want to use.

Step 3

Place the graphics and logos, then add the captions and copy. Indicate where readers can obtain additional information by listing a website, phone number or email address.

Step 4

Save your work in print PS (PostScript) format and have the flyers printed professionally. Obtain a sample from the print shop and confirm that the colors are correct, the copy flows smoothly and there are no errors.

Step 5

Get the client to sign off on the sample, or make any changes and have a new sample produced. If you're billing a client directly, make sure to account for the time spent working with both the printer and client.

Step 6

Save all files and graphic elements for future reference. You may be hired again to produce a flyer for the same client and may be able to reuse some of the elements, saving time and effort.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have several industry experts eyeball the job prior to printing.
  • Never go the cheap route; flyers printed on personal ink-jet printers look unprofessional.