How to Make a Header Row in Excel 2007

By Jonah Quant

Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet software utility created by Microsoft, and distributed as part of the Office 2007 productivity suite. Excel allows users to assign content to cells in a two-dimensional, rectangular grid. A "header row" in a spreadsheet is a designated row containing the headers that explain the nature of the data in each column. A common problem is that, if the header row is the first one in the spreadsheet, it scrolls out of view as users look further down into the values. You can make the header row remain always visible, no matter how much users scroll down the spreadsheet.

Step 1

Launch Excel 2007 by double-clicking on its desktop icon. Open the spreadsheet where you want to make a header row.

Step 2

Enter each header into the corresponding column on the very first row (row "1") of the spreadsheet.

Step 3

Move the cell pointer to the first cell without a header in the second row by clicking on that cell with the mouse. Click on "Window" on the main menu at the top of the Excel window, then select "Freeze panes." Excel will freeze in place everything above and to the left of the cell pointer; in this case, Excel will freeze the header row. The rest of the spreadsheet will scroll normally in response to the arrow keys, page up/page down, and the scroll bars -- but the header row will remain in place.