How to Make a Heart Emoticon

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Love is one of our deepest and most important emotions. It's only natural to want to express your love in online communications using heart emoticons.

Get Help Creating Heart Emoticons

Step 1

Ask people you know in online forums. If you spend any amount of time online, chances are you have some net friends who can do graphics work. Ask any of them if they are willing to create a unique heart emoticon just for you.

Step 2

Hire a graphic designer to create a heart emoticon for you. Designers are skilled with graphics software and most can probably create emoticons in their sleep. Find out what they charge to create one for you to see if it is within your budget.

Step 3

Use clip art. Find an image of a heart or hearts that really appeals to you. Make sure it is copyright free for personal projects. Import it into your graphics program and size it down to 20 or 30 pixels square. Color it or add different features or accessories to personalize it further. If you have animation software, choose several similar images and put them in sequential order, then turn them into one moving image.

Step 4

Make an elaborate design by learning how to draw and use graphics software. You can take online tutorials, a college class or even learn from a book. Then use your new skills to make heart emoticons, love smileys and collections of funny faces that you can share with your friends through email and instant messaging.

Step 5

Draw a design that incorporates hearts and scan it into your computer. You can resize it in a program such as Paint and save the file for the Web. Then use it to add feeling to your documents, forum message posts, email messages and instant messages.

Step 6

Integrate different elements into your emoticon. It doesn't have to be a heart-shaped smiley face. Instead you can use other symbols of love, such as roses or doves. Choose any colors you want in your emoticon to make it unique. Also remember that you can use more than one heart in the design to show emotion.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are lots of emoticons on the Web that you can download for free. You can find various smiley or frown faces, as well as packs created for specific holidays such as Valentine's Day, Halloween or Christmas. Try a Google search for "free emoticons" or "free smileys."