How to Make a Kiss in a Chatting Symbol

By Amy Scott

When you are chatting in an instant messenger application or over text on a cell phone, you cannot see the other person's face. This can cause emotion and meaning to get lost. In order to prevent this, you can use emoticon symbols to signify emotion. These emoticons, also called "smilies," are text symbols that resemble faces or objects to convey an emotion. Making a kiss emoticon is a quick way to show love or affection to the receiver of the emoticon.

Step 1

Type a colon sign - ":" - in the chat box to represent the eyes of the kiss emoticon.

Step 2

Type a dash, or "-", after the eyes if you want to represent the nose of the kiss emoticon.

Step 3

Type an asterisk - " * " - to represent the puckered lips of the kiss emoticon. The completed emoticon should look as follows::-*

Tips & Warnings

  • The nose symbol is optional in the kiss emoticon. It can be typed as :-* or :*
  • Adding emoticons to a chat gives the chat an informal feel and so may not be acceptable in more formal chats.