How to Make a Mix Song Free

By Carl Hose

Mixed songs are songs that combine several pieces from various songs mixed into one song. Mixed songs are great for parties and events, DJs who want their own special mixes, or for anyone who just wants to combine their favorite songs into fun, unique mixes they can enjoy. Learn how you can make a mix song of all your favorites without spending a penny to do it.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • CDR discs
  • Free audio software

Step 1

Insert a CD into your computer and bring up the first song you want in your mix. You want to take that song off the CD by a process called ripping. There are free software programs that will do this (see Resources). The ripped song will be saved to your computer as an mp3 file. Continue to do this until you have all the songs you want to include in your mix.

Step 2

Edit the songs you've ripped. You can do this with free audio editing software (see Resources). Audio software will let you play a song and use slider bars to select the pieces you want to cut from the original to include in your mix.

Step 3

Save all the song sections to a folder of their own on your desktop so they're easily accessible. Once you have the material you want to use in your free mix, it's time to piece it together.

Step 4

Put the pieces of your song together any way you want, in whatever order you want them. It's a matter of personal taste. Start with the first song you want, give the mix a file name, and begin adding other song pieces as you see fit. Audio software allows you to apply transitional effects, sound effects to the song pieces, and make adjustments in bass and treble volume.

Step 5

Experiment with all of these tools as you build your free song mix. Once you've finished, burn your free mix to a disc and start on another.