How to Make a New Free Email Address on Yahoo!

By Jim Dorsch

You can use a Yahoo! email account for your primary email address or as an alternate to protect your privacy or organize your email correspondence. It only takes a few minutes to set up a free Yahoo! email account. You can use the same process to set up multiple accounts. When you are finished, consider taking a moment to specify your preferences regarding receipt of marketing emails at your new address.

Step 1

Navigate to the Yahoo! Registration page (see Resources). Alternatively, surf to the Yahoo! homepage and click on the link reading "New here? Sign Up" near the top of the page, below the search box.

Step 2

Enter your first and last name in the indicated fields. Select your gender and birth month, then type the day and year of your birth in the next two fields. Select your country and enter your postal code.

Step 3

In the next section, underneath "Select an ID and password," select a Yahoo! ID, which is also the first part of your email address. Next, choose a domain name, which will be "," "" or "" As an example, if you select "john.doe" as your ID and "" as your domain, your email address will be ""

Step 4

Select an optional alternate email address in the next section, under the title "In case you forget your ID or password...." If you enter an email address, it should be an address at which you currently receive mail. Select a secret question and provide the answer. Select a second secret question and provide an answer. These questions will be used to confirm your identity if you forget your ID, password or other key information and wish for Yahoo! to supply it.

Step 5

Type the code shown near the bottom of the page. This prevents bots from registering. The codes are distorted. Click on "Try a new code" if you can't read the current one, or click on "Need audio assistance?" and the webpage will speak the code. Click on "Create My Account" when you have successfully entered the code in the field next to the text "Type the code shown."

Tips & Warnings

  • After you create your account, you will have the opportunity to specify the types of marketing emails you want to receive. You are automatically opted in to receive marketing emails, so you will need to opt out to avoid receiving them. You can also provide an optional postal address and/or phone number at which you can be contacted.