How to Make a PC Wireless-Enabled

By Billy Kirk

For many people, wired Internet connections are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, not all PCs are automatically wireless-enabled, and some don't come with a wireless (or PCI) card. Fortunately, it's easy install a wireless card into your PC in order to enable a wireless connection.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless card
  • Anti-static wristband
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Step 1

Shut down your computer. If you have a laptop, remove the battery. Flip over your computer and locate the battery in the upper middle section. Use the sliding mechanism just below the battery to release it.

Step 2

Remove the case of your PC to access the components inside. Wear an anti-static wristband, also known as a ground strap. Refer to your manual for the locations of your computer's screws. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws and open the case.

Step 3

Check for an empty PCI slot--a long, rectangular slot located near the motherboard. (Other modems or ethernet cards will already occupy some of these slots.)

Step 4

Insert the wireless (or PCI) card into an open slot. Unscrew the metal placeholder and set it aside. Carefully slide the wireless card in the slot. Take care not to touch any of the card's circuits.

Step 5

Replace all of the screws and close the case of your PC. Plug in your computer and power it back up.

Step 6

Install your wireless card drivers. When your computer powers back on, it will auto-detect the new hardware. Insert the CD that comes with the wireless card and follow the auto-install wizard to install the drivers.

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