How to Make a Professional Youtube Channel

By braniac

Youtube is mad fun, but it can also be a great source of income. A professional youtube channel has the ability to make residual income for its owner, as well as make them famous and put them in front of entertainment executives. But only if it is a professional youtube channel. So here's the how to. Make a professional youtube channel and watch your career soar!

Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Patience

Step 1

Each individual video has to be great to make a professional youtube channel as a whole. So keep your videos short and keep the action moving, no matter what your topic is. The ideal length for a professional youtube video is two minutes. After that, people start losing interest. Also, save the best in your video for last. That way, people will want to see your buildup again and again.

Step 2

After each video is made professionally, make sure that they all stick to the same topic. To make a professional youtube channel, all the material must be similar. There has to be a theme, so that people know what to expect. You don't turn on ER and all of a sudden it's a comedy, right? Do the same with your videos. If you have many ideas to develop, make mulitiple channels. Check out Fred or the Angry Video Game Nerd to see what I mean.

Step 3

After you make sure your material is all on topic, the last step to making a professional youtube channel is a pro youtube background. This is a whole article in and of itself, but fear not. I have placed a link at the bottom of this article which will take you through the procedure.

Step 4

After you have your background together, it's time to test your professional youtube channel. Have your friends come over, and bring up your channel. Note where they click first. When do they laugh? When do they seem bored out of their minds? Ask them what the best segments were and focus your videos on those things. Don't be afraid to delete videos that suck. Good luck!