How to Make a Side Note in MS Word

By Angela M. Wheeland

When editing a document or adding additional information for the reader, you might want to add side notes. Side notes add additional information, instructions or suggestions to a document. To add a side note in Microsoft Word, you must include a comment. Comments appear as balloons in the side margin of your document. They connect directly to the text and are visible in the margin, Review pane and on the printed document.

Step 1

Highlight the text in which you want to place the side note. If you want to comment on an entire section of text, place your cursor at the end of the section.

Step 2

Click the "Review" tab and click "New Comment."

Step 3

Type your comment in the comment balloon on the right side of the document.

Step 4

Click an empty space on the document when you have completed writing your comment. Pressing the Enter key will create a new line in your comment.

Tips & Warnings

  • To delete a comment, right-click the comment bubble and select "Clear Comment."
  • To print the document without the comments, click the "Review" tab and then click "Show Markup." Uncheck the box labeled "Comments" and print your document.