How to Make a Signature Online

By Tricia Goss

Signatures are used frequently online. For example, you might have two or three signatures for your email account and another for each instant-messaging program. There are also the signatures you use when posting to blogs or forum posts. Make all of your online signatures more fun and interesting by using free online programs. Create a signature in your own handwriting or a famous font (such as Abraham Lincoln's), or add a witty adage to your John Hancock.

Step 1

Go to "" and select "Free Demos." Click the "vLetterWriter Demo" link, and download "vLetterWriter Demo." The demo is free for 30 days, and includes two handwriting fonts, background colors and more to enhance your online signature.

Step 2

Go to "," and use the signature wizard or draw a signature using the mouse. The wizard offers 120 handwriting fonts from which to choose, while the drawing option allows for a more personal touch. After creating a signature, right click it and select "Save Picture As." Save the signature as an image file, and insert it in emails or posts.

Step 3

Make a business card for a signature file at "" Click the "Create" tab and select a template. Enter personal information in the template, and save the business card to insert in signatures.

Step 4

Find a quote or saying to use in an online signature at "" Select a suitable line with the mouse, right click it and choose "Copy." Paste it into an online signature such as an email message.

Step 5

Go to "" and click on "Free Handwriting Fonts." Download a font that resembles your own handwriting, and use it to create a signature.