How to Make a Slide Show in PDF Format

By LaoA

Adobe Acrobat users can create PDF (Portable Document Format) files to share with friends, family, co-workers and clients. if you have Acrobat on your laptop or desktop, you can make a slide show to let viewers see the items inside a PDF file you have prepared for display.

Step 1

Locate the PDF documents you have made or gathered for use in your slide show. Open the documents with your Acrobat software. Choose the "Insert Pages" option.

Step 2

Determine the first graphic file you want to use from the "Select File to Insert" window. In the "Insert Pages" window, select the destination for the new page you desire to insert and hit "Enter." Continue to follow these steps until each page is in a single PDF document. Click "File," then "Save As." Give your gallery file a title and select the "Save" option.

Step 3

Open the PDF you desire to show in your slide show. Click "Edit," "Preferences" and then "General." Choose the way in which you want to progress from slide to slide. Hit "Enter."

Step 4

Click "File," then "Document Properties" and "Open Options." In the window that comes up, select "Open in Full Screen Mode" and hit "Enter." Save the document in a location on your computer and exit the PDF file.