How to Make a Smoke Emoticon

By James McElroy

Invented in 1982 with a simple :-) by Scott Fahlman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, emoticons have evolved into a complex method of expression for text messages, chat rooms and emails. Emoticons help you show emotions and ideas with simple, impressionistic images made of punctuation marks, letters and numbers. Learn how to make an emoticon that expresses smoke and show your correspondents that you need, or are enjoying, a smoke.

Step 1

Type :-Q or :-' to indicate that you or someone else smokes.

Step 2

Enter :-p~ or :-d~ to indicate that someone is a heavy smoker or particularly enjoys smoking. The "p" and "d" indicate a tongue outside the mouth, which indicates enjoyment or satisfaction.

Step 3

Type (______(___________(((()~~~~~~~ to show smoke coming from a cigarette or that you are on a cigarette break.

Tips & Warnings

  • Experiment using "~" after the mouth of any other emoticon to show that the character is smoking. For instance, :'-(~~ indicates that someone is crying or upset and consoles herself with a cigarette.