How to Make a Spy Camera

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Stop wondering what your babysitter, spouse or neighbors are up to: make your own spy camera. This tiny wonder can film conversations or activity near your home, car or even on your person so you can record footage without the other party knowing anything about it.

Things You'll Need

  • Miniature video camera
  • Object to hide camera in
  • Transmitter and receiver
  • Power source
  • Recording device

Step 1

Shop for a micro video camera. This little camera and lens can be found at camera shops and security stores (see Resources below for online vendors). Look for cameras with lenses no larger than a nickel so others won't notice it.

Step 2

Choose an object to place the camera in. A coffee can, teddy bear, pair of eyeglasses, pillow or any other household item should work well. Make sure the object won't be tampered with, dropped or accidentally sat upon.

Step 3

Decide whether you want the spy camera to be wired or wireless, then choose the proper transmitter and receiver to ensure you'll get good-quality footage. The transmitter must provide quality audio and video. The receiver should plug into any device that can play back footage.

Step 4

Assess what kind of power supply the spy camera will need. You'll either need to use battery power or directly plug the camera into the wall.

Step 5

Connect all components, and test your camera for accuracy and clarity. Once the test is successful, you're ready to use the spy camera whenever you wish.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you choose compatible parts so all of the camera's components work together easily.