How to Make a Table in Word

By Kathleen Bunn

A table can be a useful tool when added to a Word document. It can be a clear and simple way to display a large amount of information and adds an air of professionalism to any Word document. Tables are not hard to make in Word, and you can customize them to any size or shape that you like. Follow the steps provided in this article to learn how to make a table in Word.

Step 1

Turn your computer on and open the Microsoft Word program.

Step 2

Open up the document within Microsoft Word that you want to insert the table into.

Step 3

Click your mouse in the exact location that you want the table to be inserted. Your cursor should now move to this spot.

Step 4

Choose the "Table" option from the menu bar.

Step 5

Scroll down to the option "Insert" under the "Table" menu and then choose "Table" again from the sub-menu that pops up. This will cause a window full of table options to pop up in front of your Word document.

Step 6

Choose how many columns you want your table to consist of and change the number in the appropriate box in the table options window.

Step 7

Determine how many rows you would like in your table and change that amount in the appropriate box within the table options window if needed.

Step 8

Click the radial button next to the option you would like to choose for the AutoFit behavior in the table options window. The most common option is to use the fixed column width with the auto function, but you can also choose AutoFit to columns or AutoFit to window if you wish.

Step 9

Select the "OK" button once you have your table settings the way you want them, and your new table will be inserted into your Word document at the location you chose earlier with the specifications that you set up. All you have to do now is type in your information and you are good to go.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click the box that says "Set as a default for all tables" within the table options window if you want to save that table setup.
  • Choose "Edit" and "Undo Insert Table" if you don't like the table that has been created.