How to Make a Table on Wordpad

By Max Stout

Wordpad is a word processing program installed on all versions of the Windows operating system. In comparison with other word processors, Wordpad is a very basic program without the wide variety of formatting and design options available in other Microsoft offerings such as the Works Word Processor and Microsoft Word. One feature that Wordpad does not have built-in is the ability to make a table within a document. However, Wordpad does allow you to import a table from another program, such as Excel, and edit the table within your Wordpad document.

Things You'll Need

  • Spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Works Spreadsheet

Step 1

Turn on the Wordpad program. It appears under the Accessories menu on your computer.

Step 2

Navigate to the portion of your Wordpad document where you want the table to be located and click with your mouse to select the location.

Step 3

Locate the "Insert" menu at the top of your Wordpad screen and click on the command labeled "Insert Object" to open a dialogue box.

Step 4

Select the "Create New" option on the left of the menu and then navigate to a software program capable of creating spreadsheets in the "Object Type" box. Windows operating systems that do not have Microsoft Excel software often have Microsoft Works installed by the PC manufacturer or seller as an added feature. Both Microsoft Works Spreadsheet and Excel are able to create a table using the same process.

Step 5

Click the "OK" button to start the insert object process and open a new window for the table creation.

Step 6

Enter your data into the new spreadsheet. If you want labels for the rows or columns of your table, input the labels into the 1 row or the A column of the spreadsheet.

Step 7

Highlight the boundaries of your table by selecting the upper-left corner cell, clicking the "Shift" key and then selecting the lower-right corner cell.

Step 8

Hit the "X" button on the spreadsheet window or click on the "File" menu and then the "Exit" command. This inserts your table into the Wordpad document.

Step 9

Drag out the boundaries of your table at the corners until all of your data is visible.

Step 10

Double-click at any point on your table to edit any mistakes or make alterations to your table. The double-click reopens the spreadsheet page for editing.