How to Make a Vampire Smiley on Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site with a built-in chat (instant messaging) function. Users can post notes on their Facebook pages as well as make short posts called status updates, usually describing what the user is doing. The chat function can turn certain text strings into tiny pictures -- smileys and other images. The list of images doesn't include a vampire; if you want a predatory or evil smiley there is a shark and a devil face you can use instead. You can also use a text string to represent a vampire, although this won't turn into a picture.

Make a vampire smiley with text characters.

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Open your browser and log into Facebook using your email and password.


Start a chat session with one of your Facebook friends; alternatively, begin a new note or status update.


Type a vampire smiley using a colon, a dash and a square bracket :-[ . Type a colon, a dash and a capital letter E :-E or a colon, dash and capital F :-F to make to make a bucktoothed vampire smiley. Alternatively, if you're using chat, you can make a shark smiley by typing (^^^) or a devil face by typing 3:).

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