How to Make a Video With a Song & Add Pictures

By George Reece

You may want to create a slide show to showcase your photographs or a simple video to go with a song you've recorded. With Windows Movie Maker this can be accomplished by clicking and dragging files. You can use any number of different programs--Windows Live Movie Maker is similar--but WMM is about as user-friendly as it gets, and in most cases it comes with Windows. You can download it for free, though, if you don't already have it.

Step 1

Import the song into Windows Movie Maker. Open a new project, and click on "Import audio or music" in the top left. Search for the mp3 file of the song you want and click. The song file will appear in the top half of the Movie Maker window.

Step 2

Drag the file into the "Timeline" at the bottom of the screen. Click and hold on the icon in the top half of the window, and drag it down to the bottom. Release the song at 0 seconds, so that the music will start right away, or later if you want pictures before the music begins.

Step 3

Import your pictures. In the top left of the window, click this time on "Import Pictures." The pictures will become available in the top half of the window, just as the song did before.

Step 4

Drag the pictures one at a time into the time line section of the window. They will appear on the time line above the song. You can stretch or trim the pictures in the time line to make them appear for a longer or shorter period of time. Monitor your progress with the "Preview" screen in the top right of the window.

Step 5

Fill the time line with your pictures up to the end of the song. Ensure to make a good mixture of subjects, colors and moods in your pictures. Trim the end of the song file to align with the end of the last picture. If you have more pictures, you can simply add another song at the end of the first by returning to step 1.

Step 6

Upload your video to YouTube (if you own the relevant copyrights) by "publishing" the project to a compatible file type. Otherwise, save it and show it to your family and friends in full screen mode. Right click on the preview screen and select "Full screen."

Tips & Warnings

  • Experiment with the various effects and transitions available on the left hand side of the screen for a seriously creative video.
  • Save your work regularly, as this project can be time consuming and you don't want to have to start from scratch if something goes wrong.

References & Resources